she carries on like she doesn't have a heavy heart
abriel Richard Leary

twenty-nine - filmmaker - ryan gosling

Gabe is a filmmaker by trade, and is a part-time film professor. Romantic and easygoing. Loyal and devoted, Gabe is a good friend to have around. He married young, but when he found his wife cheating on him, he ran away and didn't look back until several years later, when he found her again and rekindled his relationship with her. He is currently married to the love of his life, Avery Leary. Luke's uncle.

avid Frederic Olivier

twenty-three - pianist - gaspard ulliel

David is a natural leader, with a charm that makes people feel at ease. He has a tough time talking about his feelings and his problems. Instead, he takes great enjoyment in helping other people solve theirs. After his father died, he felt guilty defying him all this time, and proceeded to study Economics at Columbia like his dad always wanted. He is currently in a relationship with his long-time best friend, Michaela Fiorello.

ax Dominic Grayson

forty-nine - art school director - johnny depp

A former filmmaker, Max now spends his time working at an art school as its director. A little eccentric and moody, it is clear that he puts 100% of his passion into everything that he does. Haunted by his dark past, he channels most of his energy into raising his daughter, Olivia. He is separated from his wife, Annamarie, who left him several years ago because of his alcohol problem.

nthony Benjamin Ward

forty - calculus teacher - ben affleck

Tony is meticulous with his work and utterly dependable - bordering on perfectionism. He is also intelligent and analytical, a must for his job as the maths professor. Sometimes, though, the perfectionist side of him can be a little too harsh and overcritical. He has resolved not to get close to anyone again after his wife, Leanne, committed suicide more than fifteen years ago after finding they could not have children.

oelle Louise Arden

twenty-five - journalist - alexis bledel

Noelle is a dreamer. She's always loved to write since she was young, and after finally making up her mind to see the world, she comes back from France with a manuscript to publish her first novel. Caring and affectionate, Noelle feels best when she's taking care of people. Dane's younger half-sister.

ienna Grace Ayers

twenty-four - dancer - allegra carpenter

Impulsive and fiery, Sienna is the human equivalent of a thunderstorm. She's always wanted to be a professional dancer, but when she became pregnant at the age of twenty-two, she knew that it was going to take a lot to pick up the pieces. Currently living with boyfriend Auren Fraser and son Erik Fraser.

atalie Jade Cross

thirty-one - baker - rachel nichols

Natalie doesn't believe in love. Having come off a bad engagement where her fiance was sleeping with her best friend, Nat retreated from the big city and moved to a small town, where she opened up a bakery. She's stubborn, practical, and sharp, the kind of woman who doesn't take no for an answer.

velien Anne Schuyler

twenty-six - illustrator - kristin kreuk

Eve is your average girl-next-door, the kind you take home to meet your parents. Sweet and funny, she has found herself in art and has illustrated everything from comic book panels to romantic novel covers. She's been going back and forth between her parents' homes after their messy divorce, but has since realized that there is no such thing as a happy ending.

aniel Jared Arden

twenty-eight - photographer - milo ventimiglia

Dane's familiar with being the black sheep of the family. He resents his older brother and his father for imposing expectations on him that he can't handle, so ever since he was young, his response was to push back against them and against the rest of the world. This has gotten him into more than his fair share of trouble. Noelle's older half-brother.

uke Xavier Grey

eighteen - high school student - alex pettyfer

After his parents died in a car accident when he was five years old, Luke was raised by his grandparents, the Learys. He developed a passion for photography after growing up with his uncle, Gabe. Serious and straitlaced, but also stubborn and tempestuous, Luke is hard to get close to. Currently in love with his best friend, Ella Thorne.

tephen Michael Weiss

twenty-five - aspiring filmmaker - armie hammer

The youngest of the three Weiss siblings, Stephen is used to getting what he wants. Driven and passionate and self-assured, there is little that he can't accomplish once he sets his mind to it. And it is a very impressive, one-track mind. Not one for friends, or commitment, Stephen is having a hard time socializing with others. Currently going out (?) with his classmate, Alice Davies.

erard Noah Leary

seventeen - high school student - nicholas hoult

Future-verse! The son of Gabe and Avery Leary, Gerard is the younger, shyer twin of Adrienne. Nerdy and socially awkward, but with a heart of gold, Gerard is the kind of kid you wouldn't expect to want in your corner. He's definitely the less popular between him and his twin sister, but he loves his family more than anything.

livia Darlene Grayson

twenty-two - actress - jessica lowndes

A born performer, Olivia is what is known as a triple threat - skilled in singing, acting, and dancing. The daughter of filmmaker and art school director Max Grayson and his ex-wife Annamarie, she has star power running through her veins. She's smart, spunky, and talented, and is assertive when she knows that she ought to get what she wants.

melia Christine Weiss

thirty-two - fashion designer - diane kruger

Amy's moved past her modeling career, which ended when she and a photographer back when she was eighteen and just starting out were swept up in a whirlwind romance that ended in domestic abuse. After her brothers John and Stephen came to talk some sense into her, she filed for a divorce and returned home with them, taking her ghosts - in the form of her PTSD - with her.

oraline Elinor Lowry

twenty-two - visual artist - felicity jones

A little off-kilter, Coraline never identified with the 'normal' crowd. She's a grade-A oddball who finds it hard to adapt in social situations with anyone apart from her black cat, Frankie. Imaginative and resourceful, if anyone could think out of the box, it's her. Naive and innocent and whimsical, Coraline still has the inner voice of a child.

aterina Diane Thorne

thirty-seven - doctor - jennifer connelly

Kit's life has been about standing up in defense of other people, ever since her mother died and her father would get into bouts of drunken violence, and she had to fend for both her and her little sister Helena. She continues to do that now, as a pediatrician. She's always been a bit of a tomboy and is good with her hands. She's currently seeing her co-worker Benjamin Arden.

ndrew Joseph Merrick

twenty-five - policeman - joseph gordon-levitt

Andy had wanted to be a policeman ever since his older brother had completely gone off the rails, doing all sorts of illegal and dangerous things, and almost getting him caught up in it. As a policeman, he was tasked with keeping tabs on a local gang, but defied his supervisor's orders when he went after them alone. He came out almost beaten to death and scared for his life, so he's in a small town police district now.

inn Andrew Leger

twenty-two - college student - dave franco

Future-verse! After the death of his girlfriend, everything in Finn's life changed. He stopped seeing the magic in life, and works several shifts of whatever job he can find to scrape together enough money to leave his hometown. Happy-go-lucky on the surface, but tortured on the inside, Finn's been trying to run away from the home he thought he had, and the ghost of his Maddie.

lijah Mason Callahan

thirty-one - lawyer - sebastian stan

Ever the middle child, Eli is a competitive perfectionist. Sociable and charismatic, he has a charm all his own. Argumentative, street-smart, and a fast thinker, he feels like he was born to do what he does. After his girlfriend walked out on him because he refused to commit, he sleeps around in an attempt to fill the hole in his heart.

yler Ethan Sheffield

twenty-two - business student - andrew garfield

After doing what he wanted for most of his life, his parents thrust the responsibility of inheriting the family business on him. Ty is navigating through business school as well as he could, given that he doesn't really have the interest in the subject. He'd much rather be playing music or hitting clubs with his best friend, Cameron.

laine River Archer

twenty-one - drifter - cassadee pope

Lainey's got wanderlust in her veins. After an incident in high school sent her whole word to a great big mess, her response was to pack her bags, get in her pickup truck, and run away from home with her golden retriever, Sammy. She keeps a map of the the places she'd fallen in love with as a tattoo of constellations on her back.

olene Gabrielle Meier

seventeen - high school student - marissa von bleicken

One-half of the Meier twins, Jo is outgoing and cheerful. A bit of a tomboy, she'd always been the type to prefer concerts and softball games to boys and shopping. She dreams of being famous one day and seeing her name in lights, as well as fixing her broken relationship with her twin sister, Lucy.

ucille Katherine Meier

seventeen - high school student - liz gillies

Lucy's the resident goth chick, but she hasn't always been. Not long ago, she was as ginger as everyone else in her family, but after an incident that happened at their house while her older sister was throwing a party, she hasn't been quite the same. Quiet, reserved, and cynical, Lucy's mantra is simple: trust no one.

ara Selene Sheffield

twenty-five - medical intern - rooney mara

The middle child of the Sheffields, the family business was offered to her after her older brother declined it; and she would have taken it, because she was smart and she loved her parents. She just didn't have a business mind. She had always wanted to be a doctor, and is currently interning. Quirky, confident, and loyal, she's a friend to treasure. She is seeing Jacob Fiorello.

illiam Thomas Hudson

twenty-six - pilot - ryan merriman

Will had been a problem child when he was younger. Always getting into fights due to his belligerent nature, he found it hard to talk his way out of conflicts. Intelligent but unsociable, he signed up for flight school after graduation and didn't look back. He likes it up in the air because up there, he doesn't have anyone else to contend with.

athias Fernando Christensen

thirty-one - video game designer - gabe saporta

Mathias is easy-going and laid-back, not much like his twin brother, Mikkel. Still, he and Mikkel have gone through so much together that it's hard to imagine life without the guy. Lazy and fun-loving, it's hard to get Mathias to get going, but when he does, he gives it his all. More logical than he appears to be from his carefree demeanor, he's pretty good at what he does.

saac James Cohen

twenty-four - bartender - alex garcia

Isaac hadn't expected to be a father at the age of seventeen, but when his daughter Emily was born, he couldn't be happier. The same could not be said for his girlfriend, Savannah, who decided she couldn't take the pressures of motherhood and up and left, leaving their child in Isaac's care. He tries to be a good dad and keep his bartending job at the same time, which is a bit of a struggle.

wang Seunghyun

twenty-four - youtube personality - cho kyuhyun

Seunghyun likes to call himself Levi on the Internet and while he lives in the US (yes he's a nerd who watches too much SNK). He shot to fame at the tender age of five via Youtube, but not in the way he would have liked. He played a very toothless rendition of Bye Bye Bye by N*Sync that went viral all over the Internet. Actually a fairly good singer, he's trying to rebuild his reputation not as the 'bye bye bye baby' but as a musician in his own right.

eatrice Marie Celestin

sixteen - high school student - kay panabaker

Shy and reserved, Bee isn't likely to go out of her way to make new friends. She enjoys drawing, which is her primary outlet of expression. Naive and childlike, she still manages to find wonder in everything. She is currently living with her mother and two sisters, Colette and Estelle.

airine Cecilia Lonan

thirty-two - receptionist - kate beckinsale

Patient, forgiving, and warm-hearted, Dairine has what some people would call natural maternal instincts, which is strange because she never really had the chance to take care of anyone all her life. An only child, and later on unable to commit to a long-term romantic relationship, she found more comfort with friends with whom she would exchange stories about her world travels.

erenity Jean Newman

seventeen - high school student - ebba zingmark

Future-verse! Serenity always felt eclipsed by her perfect sister Madelyn, and was always jealous of the attention she got. When Maddie died, she couldn't help but act out, dyeing her hair a bright red, going to parties, drinking - anything that would distance her from the memory of her sister. Quirky and a little jaded, Serenity is trying to come to terms with the guilt she feels in the wake of what happened to her sister.

nnika Phoebe Cross

twenty - model - anna arendshorst

'Emotions are weakness' was a mantra taught to Annika by someone she looked up to dearly, so she took it to heart. She's a head over heart person through and through, and though she may flirt around, she has yet to find someone she thinks is worth changing her mindset for.